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Papi Taco and Churros, Santa Monica, California


Mexican street scene


close up


close up


Arched window


Mexican kitchen


Outdoor beach mural

Daytime Mural

The Grand Canal, Italy

Sunset Mural

The Grand Canal, Italy

Daytime mural, close-up

The Grand Canal, Italy

Sunset mural close-up

The Grand Canal, Italy

Outdoor Bookstore Mural
Outdoor Bookstore Mural


Outdoor Bookstore Mural

Children's Books

Outdoor Bookstore Mural


Outdoor Bookstore Mural


Outdoor Bookstore Mural


Canvas hanging mural
Canvas hanging mural
Faux stone
Stenciled arch hallway
Roman Coliseum
Greek Key Border
Ceiling border lettering

School Library

Unicorn and Fairy

School Library door

Faux Window

This was painted in the bathroom that didn't have a window.

Surf Shack

Painted in a bathroom

French open doors

This is an example of Trompe L'oiel. This was painted on a canvas for a home show display

Aquarium & Faux marble

School name in their auditorium

School initials and logo

Painted in the school's auditorium.


This was painted in the four corners of the ceiling.

Mediterranean street scene

Painted in a dining room.

Vineyard faux window
Tree with the books of the Bible

Books of the Bible is vinyl (not painted)

Grape vine tree

Grapes were painted with dimensional stenciling. A little hard to see but raised from the wall surface.

European street ocean scene
Scrolls on backsplash
Lettering in French
One color leaf vine
One color "bouquet"
Floral garden mural
Faux window with ocean scene
Stylized waves

This was painted on the side of the clients home

School Cafeteria mural
School Cafeteria mural


Close up of produce stand

Painted in a school cafeteria

French awnings over windows

Painted in school cafeteria where the food is served. Lettering is written in Armenian that translates to "Bon Appetit".

French mural
Pomegranate tree

School cafeteria.

Mount Ararat and Armenian church
Closeup of Armenian church
"Student" hanging the Armenian flag

School cafeteria

Harvest mural

School cafeteria

Closeup of Harvest mural

School cafeteria

Orange tree and tomato vines

School cafeteria

Closeup of fruit

School cafeteria

Closeup of grapes and barrel

School cafeteria

Closeup of barrel and pomegranates

School cafeteria

Closeup of pomegranates

School cafeteria

Basket of fruit

School cafeteria

Produce Stand and wagon

School cafeteria

Closeup of produce

School cafeteria

Faux lattice and berry vine
Closeup of wagon with produce

School cafeteria

Handprint "flowers"

School cafeteria. Handprints of students

Handprint "leaves" on tree

School cafeteria. Handprints of students.

Closeup of handprints

School cafeteria

Waterfall mural

Painted in a workout (gym) studio

European scene

Painted with the Trompe L'oiel technique

Beach mural

Painted in a bathroom

Spanish Mission

Painted at the landing of a staircase

Palm tree and foliage
Closeup of foliage
Clouds, faux finish, brick, & twigs
Grapevine and leave border
Fleur de lis and scroll border
Ceiling medallion

All hand painted

Pool table

Painted in a business break room. The man is the company's logo.

Fruit in urn

Painted on tumbled tile over stove top

Outdoor topiary's painted on wall
Vine painted on wall and fence
Outdoor garden mural
Closeup of outdoor topiary
Closeup of vine on fence
Outdoor beach scene
Outdoor floral garden & picket fence
Outdoor field of flowers mural
Custom painted wall murals - European street scence, Trompe l'oeil
Professional Custom Painted Wall Murals & Decorative Painting
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